Basic Tools

This section of the course introduces some of Photoshop’s basic tools and introduces a couple of important concepts.

Photoshop has a great many tools. This course does not set out to introduce all of them. The intention is to cover some of the most commonly used tools and to offer a model for learning about other tools. A useful approach is:

  • choose a tool you want to learn about
  • find out (Google) the purpose of this tool and consider how it might be useful in your photography
  • find out (Google) how the tool works
  • experiment and practise!

Basic tools are best understood by just having a go!

Often, changes you make with photographic software tools are referred to as ‘corrections’. This implies that there are right and wrong outcomes when you are editing. That is simply not the case. The correct outcome is the one you are happy with. Trust your eyes, not the numbers! For example, setting white and black points might give the ‘correct’ result but overriding the recommended settings might give you a much better result.