How much does it cost?

Web Hosting

The cost of the web space will depend on the size of your website. However, the amount of storage space required for most sites will cost approximately £15.00 per annum.

A domain name eg, usually costs less than £10.00 per annum.

These costs are paid separately and are not part of what Fotoscope will charge. Help will be given to set this up if required.

Creating the site

A setup fee of £120.00 will be charged. This covers all consultancy and any general tasks associated with building the website.

Website pages will be charged at £35.00 per page. This is an approximate cost as the size and complexity of web pages can vary considerably.

A quotation will be provided once the specific details of a website are known.


If this is required it will be charged at £30.00 per hour. The time required for taking the photographs and editing these will be included.


Fotoscope can also maintain the site for clients and this is charged at £30.00 per hour. A detailed record of any work carried out will be provided with any invoice.

Clients may choose to maintain the website themselves in which case there is no additional cost.


Summary of Costs

Domain Nameless than £10 annually
Web Hostingabout £15 annually
Setup Fee£120
Web Pages£35 each
Photography£30 per hour
Maintenance£30 per hour