Photographic Equipment

Canon EOS 5D Mk 4 Camera BodyThis is a full-frame, 30.4 megapixels camera body. It's fabulous! If I take bad pictures it really is my fault!
14 mm Samyang lensThis is an ultra-wide angle lens. Brilliant for buildings, interiors and landscapes. Exposure and focus are manual.
24-105 mm Canon L Series lensA great all-round lens! This one is on the camera most of the time. Great image stabilisation.
100 mm Macro Canon L series lensIdeal for portraits and macro photography.
100-400 mm Canon L Series lensThis is a big boy and weighs a ton but it takes stunning, razor-sharp images even when hand-held at lower shutter speeds. The image stabilisation is second to none!
50 mm Canon lensA prime lens that is a remnant from previous systems. Very sharp and fast - 1.8 aperture gives beautifully blurred backgrounds.
Canon Speedlite 420 EX flash gunExcellent! It swivels and tilts every which way!
2 Neewer Speedlight NW-982 II flashgunsComplete with umbrellas and triggers
Manfrotto TripodsOne with a 3 way head and one with a ball head.
Like most photographers I have a whole set of other paraphernalia like filters, extension tubes, remote controllers, spare battery, memory cards etc etc etc! I don't take it all with me every time!