Website FAQs

What is a domain name?

If you think of your website as a house in Internet City, the domain name is its address.

What is web space?

Staying with the Internet City analogy, web space is the house itself! Web space is provided by a web hosting service. Cost is related to the amount of space you require. For smaller sites this can be as little as £15 annually. Web space usually comes with a number of email addresses in the form

How do I know if my site is being seen?

Fotoscope websites have built-in visitor statistics so you can see at any time how many visitors have been to your site.

Will my site work on mobile phones and tablets as well as computers?

Yes! All Fotoscope websites are responsive which means they will adapt automatically whichever device is used to view them.

Will people be able to find my site?

We submit your site to Google and add a sitemap which helps Google to index your site accurately.

Where will my site appear in Google’s search results?

That depends on what people are searching for! If your site is called then a search for ‘Fred Bloggs Antiques’ will probably result in your site being first in the list! However, this is less likely if someone searches for, say, ‘Scottish Antiques’! Google takes many factors into account when it ranks websites. Fotoscope will ensure that your site is optimised so that search engines will find it and rank it as highly as possible. This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

What happens if I want to update my website?

Fotoscope websites are built using software called WordPress. This is very widely used and many of the websites you will have seen will have been created with WordPress. Among its many advantages is the ability for any authorised user to edit the site from any online computer.