Tools to Replace Content

I often find that there are parts of an image that I wish weren’t there. They include things like sensor spots, flying birds that look like blurry smudges, branches which protrude into a sky, litter, unwanted people and lots more. I’m very OK with the idea of replacing them! Some replacements are relatively easy while others are more problematic. The tools listed below are capable of both simple and complex replacements.

Some people might say that the use of such tools is cheating and that they distort reality. Photographers fall somewhere on a continuum ranging from a purist documentary photographer who will never replace anything in an image, to the digital artist for whom any form of manipulation is entirely acceptable. It is for each of us to decide what is acceptable and as with most things in photography there is no correct answer.

All of the following tools will be covered (to a greater or lesser extent) in the next 3 sections.

Brush Tools

  • Spot Healing Brush
  • Healing Brush
  • Patch Tool
  • Content Aware Move Tool
  • Red Eye Tool

Clone Stamp Tool

Content Aware Fill